Pre-Congress seminar

The goal of this seminar is to provide you with new insights, models and practices that will enable you to lay the foundation and take subsequent steps to reach new levels in your successful legal practice. This highly interactive seminar will shine spotlights on your legal practice, key skills and areas of focus necessary for your continuing success in your legal career, and new approaches and considerations for establishing and sustaining your market position.

Be prepared to have your strategic thinking and professional creativity challenged by leading legal practitioners and experts in practice management and development who will guide you through innovative methodologies, whether utilizing large and small group discussions, role-play scenarios, case studies, breakouts or Q&As. Plan to play a major role in this seminar!

Your personal takeaway from the seminar will be your own booklet – your own business plan – in which you will capture your thoughts and action plans as they relate to staying competitive in today’s economy, including practice management, leadership, and client and business development skills. Each of the following spotlights are fundamental to your success as a young lawyer. Throughout the seminar, these beams will brightly illuminate the path for your self- discovery in staying competitive, by raising your awareness and developing your skills on these, and other, topics:

  • Strategic and Foundational Spotlight – understanding your legal market and how to be competitive; building a business plan; key tips on running your own practice; billing your hours and increasing your turnover; exploring and developing new areas of expertise.
  • Practice Development and Leadership Spotlight – building and developing your team; effective delegation and constructive feedback techniques; mentoring, coaching and championing others; strengthening your practice and industry focus and know-how.
  • Client and Business Development Spotlight – earning your clients’ trust; business development and marketing skills; building an effective brand; networking and relationship building skills; client service and attentiveness; social media savviness.

The SCILL Commission (Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning) of AIJA looks forward to unveiling new discoveries with you at
the pre-congress seminar on 23 August 2016 in Munich.


Julia Blind,  Kleiner Rechtsanwalte, Germany

Giuseppe Cristiano,  De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani, Italy

Mattia Dalla Costa, CBA Studio Legal e Tributario, Germany/Italy

Nicky de Groot, Doorn en Keizer, The Netherlands

Wiebe de Vries, Bloom Tax B.V., The Netherlands

Martine Hoogendoorn, Doorn en Keizer, The Netherlands

Thorsten Kuthe, Heuking Kuhn Luer Wojtek, Germany

Philip Martinius, Roland Berger, Germany

Johan Myren, Advokafirman Lindahl KB Sweden

Rebekka Stumpfrock, Kleiner Rechtsanwalte Germany

Madeleine Zipperle, Heuking Kuhn Luer Wojtek Germany

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