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circle-titles-co-chairs Julia Blind Mark Oliver Kühn Oliver Cleblad Justus Jansen

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“Grüß Gott” and a Warm Welcome to Munich!

It is our pleasure to welcome young lawyers from all over the world to Munich for the 54th International Young Lawyers’ Congress organized by AIJA taking place between August 23rd and 27th, 2016.

Bavaria’s capital is Germany’s third largest city, a stylish metropolis that has nevertheless kept its traditional, almost  rural charm. Of course, Munich is best known for the world’s largest beer festival, the “Oktoberfest”. However, you will see there are plenty of other things and places to discover. Munich is also famous for its beautiful architecture, its fi ne culture and its exciting museums. Moreover, the Alps are just a little more than an hour away. Take some days off before or after the Congress to visit Munich, Bavaria and the rest of Germany!

Taking a professional perspective, Munich is one of the leading business hubs, both in Germany and Europe. Companies from every industry and business sector operate here. Global players, dynamic and profi table SMEs, innovative high-tech companies and many more.

Our Congress will take place at the Hilton Park Hotel located right next to the “Englischer Garten”, the green heart of
Munich, a wonderful place to relax, enjoy a beer in one of the beer gardens, watch surfers on the “Eisbach” Creek, go for a run in the morning, or simply stroll around. And don’t miss one of the best views of Munich from the “Monopteros”, a classical pavilion built on a hillside in the midst of the English Garden. The quality of more than 50 hours of professional training of this Congress, all organized by the 20 AIJA commissions, as well as the impressive venues chosen for the social program, will be your inspiration:

The Pre-Congress Seminar on “staying competitive” will provide insights, models and practices which will help to lay the foundations and to take subsequent steps to reach new levels of a successful legal practice. At the AIJA “Speed Dating”, the participants will get a perfect opportunity to start into easy and fun business networking, to be continued during the Welcome Reception.

Congress participants will be touched by the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday evening. The most offi cial event of the week will be hosted in the futuristic architecture of the “BMW Welt” where art and design meet automotive history of over 90 years in a fascinating exhibition. In this special location, we will be inspired by the Voice of the Profession-Session on the most prominent current topic of “refugees”, the Opening Ceremony as well as the Congress Opening Party with delicious food and drinks. And DJ Jon Basel will take care of the perfect sound in
a perfect environment.

Local lawyers will open their homes for the most charming aspect of any Congress on Thursday evening – the traditional Home Hospitality Dinner. Friday afternoon will be the time for a revitalising and team-building Day Out: Discover the heart of Munich by joining the “Tabtour” competition and feel the vibes of a special Oktoberfest, fi red by our true AIJA spirit! The dress code for the AIJA Day Out and the AIJA Oktoberfest is Bavarian: “Dirndl” for the girls and “Lederhosen” for the boys.

Finally, the Congress participants will be enchanted by the closing Gala Dinner “It’s Magic” taking place in the world-famous “Löwenbräukeller”.

We hope we have made you curious enough to join us for a wonderful Congress in Munich. We would be honored and proud to host you in this lovely city, in the midst of Bavaria’s abounding natural beauty, and are looking forward to enjoying days of intensive and comprehensive scientifi c work with you as well as vibrant social life. More information is available at

We are looking forward to seeing you in Munich in 2016!

Julia Blind, Mark Oliver Kühn, Oliver Cleblad, Justus Jansen on behalf of the Organising Committee.



Julia Blind, Kleiner Rechtsanwälte, Stuttgart, Germany
Mark Oliver Kühn, Rittershaus Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Oliver Cleblad, Mannheimer Swartling, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Justus Jansen, GSK Stockmann + Kollegen, Hamburg, Germany

Pascal Böhner, Bardehle Pagenberg, München, Germany
Eva Bonacker, SWK Schwarz Rechtsanwälte, München, Germany
Stephan Dittl, Salger Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Sven Friedl, Seitz Weckbach Fackler & Partner, Augsburg, Germany
Arne Friese, Dissmann Orth, München, Germany
Martin Imhof, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, Düsseldorf, Germany
Caroline Pluta, PLUTA, Augsburg, Germany
Benedikt Rohrßen, Taylor Wessing, München, Germany
Alexander von Saucken, Amelung Albrecht Rechtsanwälte, München, Germany
Babak Tabeshian, Ariathes Rechtsanwälte, München, Germany
Philipp Wiesenecker, Kliemt & Vollstädt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Birgit Wöhren, GSK Stockmann + Kollegen, Hamburg, Germany
Donata von Enzberg, Taylor Wessing, Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Christian Presoly, Presoly, Ruggell, Liechtenstein
Dr. Nicolas Mosimann, LL.M. (Sidney), Kellerhals Carrad, Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Berndt Hauck , Kellerhals Carrad, Basel, Switzerland



The OC members did enjoy many AIJA events in the past and have several good memories to share! They will make sure that the International Young Lawyers’ Congress in Munich will be a vibrant experience for all the participants, who will keep a lot of exciting memories about this event.

Read more below.

Dr. Julia Blind, KLEINER, Stuttgart, Germany

It was a grand moment for me when I heard the announcement at the May Conference 2014 in Zurich: Munich had been awarded the privilege of hosting the Annual Congress in 2016. What a wonderful recognition of our work for and in AIJA!

Mark Oliver Kühn, LL.M. (Denver), RITTERSHAUS, Frankfurt, Germany

Co-Organizing a wonderful AIJA Congress in Buenos Aires in 2013 with a great South-American OC, lots of fun and fruitful Skype-Calls with my Co-Work Coordinators Jonathan Tickner and Ricardo Chacón, and then enjoying a wonderful time with a great crowd in the Southern Hemisphere – thanks for being AIJA!

Oliver Cleblad, MANNHEIMER SWARTLING, Frankfurt, Germany

Being on the way to the age limit, memories of great AIJA moments are of course countless … Places, persons, programmes, parties … Some of the most rewarding experiences, however, were a few of our interactive, SCILL-style sessions when you, after many thoughts and hours spent for preparation, see how “it works”, how the crowd gets engaged, is drawn into the case study and negotiations – and has fun.

Dr. Justus Jansen, GSK STOCKMANN + KOLLEGEN, Hamburg, Germany

Oh, tons of memories. I will never forget my first AIJA Annual Congress in Geneva (Pink Gala Dinner!). Since then I am stuck, became a big fan of AIJA…and yes, this wonderful invention called Home Hospitality which is always a unique experience and source for unforgettable AIJA moments. Something you need to explore!

Pascal Böhner, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, Munich, Germany

My first home hospitality dinner. Prague 2014. Great hosts. Fresh burgers, strange drinks. Wonderful people (thanks, Jessica, Karim & Giuseppe). And a lot of fun untill very late!

Eva Bonacker, SWK SCHWARZ RECHTSANWÄLTE, Munich, Germany

I can’t even think of my one and only best AIJA memory. Meeting people in discussions and business lunches first, organizing projects together, and in between having fantastic chats on absolutely non-legal subjects at home hospitality or even in après-ski bars or watching together the football world championship in a Vienna beach bar (sorry England…) – for me that’s the AIJA spirit!

Dr. Stephan Dittl, SALGER, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

One of the best opportunities to feel the AIJA spirit is usually the home hospitality dinner: That’s where you have the chance to learn more about AIJA friends than just their professional background.
My first home hospitality dinner was at the Amsterdam congress in 2011: We were invited by a young lawyer who had just started to work and had a very small flat. But we did not stay in her flat for dinner. She had asked one of her friends to join us – and cruise with us on his boat along the Amsterdam canals! We had a wonderful picnic and a lot of fun. And then we crashed into another boat, because our host did not realize that the traffic lights were red…
We still like to remember this very special home hospitality dinner, whenever our group of boat crashers meet again…

Dr. Sven Friedl, SEITZ WECKBACH FACKLER & PARTNER, Augsburg, Germany

In fact, there is no AIJA-experience, which I claim to be the best one. Every congress and every seminar has its own special moments. From my point of view, it is the exchange of ideas between young lawyers from all over the world, which makes AIJA so special. The realization that many young lawyers from all over the world face similar issues on the job as you yourself is a real unique experience.

Dr. Arne Friese, DISSMANN ORTH, Munich, Germany

I have found the love of my life at AIJA.

Dr. Bernd Hauck, KELLERHALS CARRARD, Basel, Switzerland

The first time I went to an AIJA event I knew nobody. The second time I already recognized some faces. And starting the third time I returned to meet lots of friends.

Dr. Martin Imhof, HEUKING KÜHN LÜER WOJTEK, Düsseldorf, Germany

Enjoying a traditional Chinese foot massage with AIJA Friends after a successful seminar in Shanghai in April 2015.

Dr. Nicolas Mosimann, LL.M. (Sidney), KELLERHALS CARRARD, Basel, Switzerland

After the outstanding IP/IT & M&A seminar in Tallinn (Estonia), the OC brought us to a restaurant nestled at a remote beach with a breathtaking sea view. We were enjoying the company of “the last men standing”, the sun and had a fantastic lunch before heading to the airport to travel back into the real world

Caroline Pluta, LL.M. (San Diego), PLUTA, Augsburg, Germany

I really enjoyed the challenge for the election of the EC Committee during the Annual Congress in Barcelona in 2012: mixing Sangria and trying to surf was just a lot of fun!!

Dr. Christian Presoly, PRESOLY, Ruggell, Liechtenstein

My most memorable experience with AIJA – there are too many of them to list all. Each time again it’s a great joy! ;o) However, e.g. Buenos Aires when immediately after the gala dinner all participants got up from their chairs in order to start dancing for the next couple of hours that was really something unique! Nevertheless, as stated: AIJA events are always a memorable experience! ;o)

Dr. Benedikt Rohrßen, TAYLOR WESSING, Munich, Germany

Every AIJA experience, every moment breathing the AIJA spirit is truly international!
One of these uncountable great experiences has been our seminar in Munich 2012: “Fight for your right … to distribute”. Already in my first AIJA year, I got the chance to organize this seminar together with Babak Tabeshian, Bernd Hauck and Thilo Pachmann, hence within a Swiss-German OC. We attracted more than 60 participants from 22 countries (including Canada, China and India) and brought them together with in-house counsels sharing their experience, gained in well-renowned companies like W.L. Gore & Associates, Luxottica, and Tchibo. Our social program started with a Bavarian welcome evening with beer & pretzels – dresscode for me and my colleagues: typical Bavarian “Lederhosen”. We further visited some of Munich’s big attractions like the BMW museum, the Olympic Park and the Chinese Tower in the English Garden: truly AIJA, truly international.
Hosting now the International Young Lawyers’ Congress in Munich 2016 is a great honor. I am sure we will all enjoy it: see you here in Munich!

Babak Tabeshian, ARIATHES, Munich, Germany

My best experience with AIJA was organising a seminar on Distribution Law in Munich in October 2012 which attracted lawyers from more than 20 countries.

Dr. Philipp Wiesenecker, KLIEMT & VOLLSTÄDT, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

My most impressive AIJA experience was the incredible warmth I found at my first annual congress in Amsterdam, being welcomed as “AIJA newbie” by what felt like 500 members. I had a perfect Day Out (with our own train and 500 rental bicycles) at the beach club, and danced with all these great and international folks to the unofficial AIJA hymn “we are young” till morning – that is what we aspire to in Munich, and I am excited to be there!

Birgit Wöhren, LL.M. (New York), GSK STOCKMANN + KOLLEGEN, Hamburg, Germany

… an unforgettable home hospitality dinner which I have hosted at my house in Hamburg at my very first AIJA event (the AIJA Half Year Conference in Hamburg 2012) – this was one of my very first AIJA experiences and for me “so AIJA”: I had guests from Finland, Switzerland, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Belgium sitting in my kitchen and we had lots of fun while getting to know each other, talking about business and personal live, and we laughed a lot (not only when our (meanwhile) immediate past president Dirk Nuyts was imitating the English Queen…)

Dr. Alexander von Saucken, AMELUNG ALBRECHT RECHTSANWÄLTE, Munich, Germany

Among my most memorable AIJA – moments are surely the always surprising Home Hospitality Dinners: While at one event the dinner is hosted by a lovely student in her tiny student’s apartment in the city center, the dinner at the next event will be held in a remote landlord’s castle. Always a fantastic experience!

Donata von Enzberg, LL.M. (UCT), TAYLOR WESSING, Hamburg, Germany

One best memory? There are so many! For me the special thing about AIJA is the absolutely amazing and overwhelming openness, positive curiosity and friendliness of all AIJA members I have experienced ever since I attended for the first time in 2014. I will never forget the great Home Hospitality in London during the Annual Congress 2015 and the childish joy of 10 grown-up lawyers about the “Butlers Bell” – still a little bit sorry for the patient service team.