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Knock Out the Infringer in One Round?


General reporters: Henrik Holzapfel and Daan de Lange

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) will shake up patent litigation worldwide. Very soon an entirely new court system will be in place, covering a bigger consumer market than the US. Finally companies across the world can knock out competitors with one single blow in Europe. This new system will attract new litigants from the Americas and Asia that did not litigate in Europe before. It will therefore affect any young IP lawyer anywhere in the world who is involved in international disputes. We will have a live (and lively) mock trial to illustrate the dos and don’ts. Two international teams will share their insights on the opportunities and challenges this new court system will bring. Let the show begin!

General Reporters:

Henrik Holzapfel, Loschelder, Germany
Daan de Lange, Brinkhof, Netherlands


Daan de Lange, Brinkhof, Netherlands
Henrik Holzapfel, Loschelder, Germany
Demian Stauber, Rentsch Partner, Switzerland
Hans L. Mayer, Knobbe Martens, USA
Paul A. Abbott, Arnold Partner, United Kingdom
Jevan Neilan, Mason Hayes & Curran, Ireland
Michael Kobler, Bardehle Pagenberg, Germany

Session Documents

General Report


WSh Unitary Patent Statement of Defence and Counterclaim for Revocation

WSh Unitary Patent Exhibit D2

WSh Unitary Patent Statement of complaint (Plaquaway) – 22.3.16

WSh Unitary Patent Statement of Complaint (Plaquaway) – 22.3.16 – Exhibit C3