Joint Working Sessions of commissions – Litigation and International Arbitration

“Mediating Commercial Disputes – Hot Topics and Practical Tips.”


General reporter: Eleni Polycarpou Michael Pauli and Rim Ben Ammer

We will travel to a world where an Austrian family and an Asian businessman both lay claim to the same beautiful Renoir painting recently consigned for sale at a New York auction by the businessman who bought it from a Swiss art dealer in the seventies. The family says it is one of a number of lost paintings stolen from their house in the early sixties. Who is the true owner of the long-lost painting? Can this dispute be resolved by mediation? Can the parties overcome their differences? We will discuss mediation techniques and cultural differences in a number of countries, hot tips for lawyers and mediators, as well as hear a critical analysis of mediation compared to other dispute resolution processes from a professional mediator.

General Reporters: 

Eleni Polycarpou, Withers LLP, United Kingdom
Michael Pauli, Avocado rechtsanwälte, Germany
Rim Ben Ammar, lustica.BE, Belgium


Eleni Polycarpou, Withers LLP, United Kingdom
Alex Hall Taylor, 4 New Square, United Kingdom
Jeffrey Benz, 4 New Square, United Kingdom
Rim Ben Ammar, lustica.Be, Belgium
Giovanni Angles, Bryan Cave LLP, USA
Stephanie Traband, Grossmann LLP, USA
Michael Pauli, avocado rechtsanwälte, Germany
Colin Delaney Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP USA
Philipp Haymann, Hayman Attorneys, Switzerland
Chiara Caliandro, Studio Legale De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani, Italy
Karin Graf, Wenger Plattner, Switzerland
Matthew Fidler, Stewarts Law, England

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