Joint Working Sessions of commissions – Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning (SCILL) and Corporate Counsel

Does time control you, or do you control time? The Secrets of Effective Self-management.


General reporters: Byron Philips and Aalia Datoo

The SCILL Commission invites you to an interactive session discussing time-management in the legal profession; and best practice for self-management including a discussion on mindfulness. We live in a digital and instantaneous world, with so many tools and gadgets designed to save time at our disposal, yet shared challenges across cultures and geographies. In a client-led profession, we frequently fi nd ourselves under pressure to meet deadlines all too often imposed by others. At the same time, devoting time to developing business opportunities and personal brand is a necessary investment. We ask whether it is actually possible to manage one’s time (or rather: oneself) effectively when others are in the driving seat. Please join us to share your experiences.

General Reporters:

Byron Philips, Nabarro LLP, England
Aalia Datoo, Macfarlanes LLP, England


Byron Philips, Nabarro LLP, England
Aalia Datoo Macfarlanes LLP England
Christoph Vaagt, Law Firm Change Consultans, Germany
Florian Schwiecker, Philips Group (Germany), Germany

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